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Top Considerations When Purchasing Impact Windows

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This information on this page was last updated on July 10, 2024

Here are the top considerations when purchasing impact windows and doors for your home in Florida:

  1. Hurricane Protection and Wind Resistance
  2. Building Codes and Certifications
  3. Material and Durability
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Cost and Financing Options
  6. Aesthetics and Design Options
  7. Noise Reduction
  8. Installation Process and Contractor Reputation
  9. Warranty and After-Sales Service
  10. Insurance Benefits

Here are the details on these key factors:

    Hurricane Protection and Wind Resistance

  •  The primary reason for installing impact windows and doors in Florida is to protect against hurricanes and high winds. Homeowners research the ability of these products to withstand severe weather conditions.

  • Building Codes and Certifications

  • Florida has strict building codes, especially in high-velocity hurricane zones. People often look for products that meet or exceed these codes and carry certifications from recognized bodies, such as the Miami-Dade County Product Control.

  • Material and Durability 

  • Homeowners research the different materials used in impact windows and doors, such as aluminum, vinyl, and wood, and compare their durability, maintenance needs, and lifespan.

  • Energy Efficiency 

  • Impact windows and doors can significantly affect a home's energy efficiency. People look into the energy ratings, such as U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), to understand how these products can help reduce energy bills.

  • Cost and Financing Options

  • The cost of impact windows and doors is a major consideration. Homeowners research the prices of different brands and models, as well as available financing options, rebates, and incentives.

  • Aesthetics and Design Options

  •  Impact windows and doors come in various styles, colors, and finishes. People often look for products that match their home's architectural style and enhance curb appeal.

  • Noise Reduction 

  • Impact windows and doors can also provide soundproofing benefits. Homeowners research how well these products reduce outside noise, which is particularly important in busy or noisy neighborhoods.

  • Installation Process and Contractor Reputation 

  • The quality of installation is crucial for the performance of impact windows and doors. Homeowners research reputable contractors, read reviews, and check for proper licensing and insurance.

  • Warranty and After-Sales Service 

  • A good warranty and reliable after-sales service are important factors. People look for manufacturers and installers who offer comprehensive warranties and responsive customer service.

  • Insurance Benefits 

    Installing impact windows and doors can sometimes lead to lower homeowners insurance premiums. Homeowners research potential insurance savings and discuss with their insurance providers.

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