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This information on this page was last updated on July 10, 2024

About This Manufacturer

WinDor is a well-established manufacturer known for high-quality, durable impact windows and doors. They offer a wide range of impact window and door styles, materials (vinyl or aluminum), and impact levels to suit different needs and budgets. Their products are Miami-Dade County compliant, meeting stringent building code requirements for hurricane protection. WinDor products might be on the higher end of the price spectrum compared to some local competitors. WinDor offers in-house installation through a network of partner independent installers. WinDor has been serving customers for over a quarter century; thier founding year was 1990. The compay is based in Brea, CA.

If you are interested in getting new hurricane proof windows and doors, we offer a free estimate anywhere within South Florida communities along the east coast. Typically, we send a representative to your home or office and they will take measurements, show you different products and styles and then give you a price which includes options for financing if desired. Our financing options include various deals which include no money down or zero percent interest if paid within a certain timeframe. The representative will go over all these details with you.

Reputation and Service

WinDor has a generally positive reputation in the impact window and door industry, particularly for projects in areas like South Florida. Customer reviews and industry sources often praise WinDor for the high quality, durability, and performance of their impact windows and doors, according to both Window Guys Miami and Houzz Reviews. Their products are Miami-Dade County compliant, meeting strict building code requirements for hurricane protection, a crucial factor in South Florida. They offer a wide range of impact window and door styles and materials (vinyl or aluminum) to suit different tastes and budgets. Many reviews mention a positive experiences with WinDor's customer service team, according to Houzz Reviews. WinDor specializes primarily in impact windows and doors. This focused approach translates to expertise in this area. A review on The Construction Academy website compares WinDor favorably to another well-respected impact door manufacturer, La Cantina.

Impact Rating

WinDor doesn't display a universal impact rating for all their windows and doors on their website. They prioritize meeting the Miami-Dade County building codes for hurricane protection, which specify a Large Missile Level Impact Test passing criteria rather than a wind speed rating. With various window and door styles and materials, the impact rating will differs depending on the specific product you choose. A reputable WinDor installer should be familiar with the impact ratings of their products and be able to advise you accordingly.

Security and Safety

WinDor windows and doors prioritize hurricane protection, offering some security benefits as a result. WinDor windows and doors are designed to be highly resistant to impacts, making them more challenging to break through compared to standard windows and doors. This can significantly increase the time and effort required for a forced entry attempt. WinDor uses multi-point locking systems that engage at multiple points along the frame, making it more difficult to pry them open. WinDor windows and doors can help protect your home and family during hurricanes by providing a barrier against wind, rain, and flying debris. This can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and property damage. Security isn't necessarily WinDor's primary focus. For the highest level of security, additional features like security alarms, security cameras, or reinforced door jambs might be necessary. WinDor impact windows and doors can be a good choice for South Florida residents who want added security alongside hurricane protection. However, for the most robust security system, consider additional security measures alongside impact windows and doors.

Warranty Coverage

Win-Dor offers a warranty on their products. If you cannot find the warranty period for your product, you can request a copy by by visiting their warranty section on their website. The warranty information is available online by clicking on the specific product you purchased. Win-Dor also offers a contact form that you can fill out to request a copy of the warranty. According to the warranty page, the specific warranty period depends on the date of purchase and installation. You can find the warranty for your specific product by entering your purchase and installation information on the Win-Dor website. Win-Dor also provides contact information for if you cannot find the warranty information you need.

Authorized Dealers

Win-Dor offers a website section designed to help customers find authorized dealers of Windor Systems' windows and doors. It ensures that customers purchase from certified dealers who offer genuine products and reliable services. The page includes a searchable database or directory of authorized dealers, contact information, and a map feature to locate the nearest dealer. This helps customers connect with trusted sources for their window and door needs, ensuring quality and support. The Windor Systems Authorized Dealers page does not offer any dealers in Florida.

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