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This information on this page was last updated on July 10, 2024

About This Manufacturer

PGT is a well-established company with a strong reputation in the impact window and door market, especially in South Florida. They have extensive experience meeting the stringent Miami-Dade County building codes for hurricane protection. PGT offers a wide range of impact window and door styles, materials (aluminum, vinyl), and price points. Impact windows and doors from PGT can potentially lower homeowner's insurance costs. Im 2014, PGT Industries, known locally as PGT Custom Windows and Doorsacquired its major competitor in the South Florida market which solidified their leadership position in the impact window and door industry. The company is based in North Venice, FL.

If you are interested in getting new hurricane proof windows and doors, we offer a free estimate anywhere within South Florida communities along the east coast. Typically, we send a representative to your home or office and they will take measurements, show you different products and styles and then give you a price which includes options for financing if desired. Our financing options include various deals which include no money down or zero percent interest if paid within a certain timeframe. The representative will go over all these details with you.

Reputation and Service

According to the Better Business Bureau, PGT's online reviews are mixed, with some praising their products and others reporting issues with installation or customer service. Shoppers should keep in mind that PGT doesn't sell directly to the general public; they sells through a network of dealers. Their website is geared towards architects, builders, and contractors while providing tools to find local authorized dealers for purchases. While PGT is a well-established brand with a long history in the industry their products are generally considered to be on the higher end of the price spectrum compared to some competitors in the impact window and door market.

Impact Rating

PGT offers a wide range of impact window and door series, each potentially designed for different wind speeds and debris impact levels. South Florida, particularly Miami-Dade County, enforces strict building codes for hurricane protection; PGT prioritizes meeting these codes, which specify a Large Missile Test passing criteria rather than a single wind speed rating. Authorized dealers are familiar with the impact ratings for different PGT products and can advise you accordingly.

Security and Safety

PGT impact windows and doors are designed primarily for hurricane protection, but their features also contribute to home security in several ways: A) Strong Construction: Impact windows are made with laminated glass, which is much harder to break through than standard glass. This significantly increases the time and effort required for a forced entry. B) Missile Protection: If debris hits the window during a storm, the laminated glass is designed to crack but hold together, preventing easy access into the home. C) Locking Systems: PGT offers products with multi-point locking systems that engage at multiple points along the frame, making it more difficult to pry open the window or door. D) PGT offers optional impact-resistant glass with a shatter-resistant film on the inside for additional security against break-ins. While impact resistance is a security benefit, PGT prioritizes hurricane protection in their marketing and product descriptions. For the highest level of security, additional features like security alarms or security cameras might be necessary.

Warranty Coverage

PGT offers a limited warranty on their products, but the specifics will depend on the type of product (window, door, hardware, etc.) and whether it's installed in a residential or commercial application. PGT provides downloadable warranty documents on their website. These documents outline the coverage period for different product categories, such as: Insulated Glass (against defects causing vision obstruction or moisture) and Hardware, Screens, and Moving Parts (against mechanical failure due to material or workmanship). The warranty period generally varies depending on the product and application. For example, residential window hardware might be covered for 10 years, while commercial door hardware might only have a 3-year warranty. While registering your products is not mandatory, it's recommended to ensure you can easily access warranty information in the future. The warranty documents detail exclusions and limitations, such as normal wear and tear, improper installation, or damage caused by misuse. Before submitting a warranty claim, PGT recommends contacting the dealer you purchased the windows and doors from for service.

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Authorized Dealers

PGT's website (PGT Windows - Where to Buy) has a dealer locator to find authorized retailers in your area. These dealers can provide quotes, answer questions, and handle the installation process. You can also call PGT's toll-free number (941-480-1600) and inquire about authorized dealers.

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