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This information on this page was last updated on July 10, 2024

About This Manufacturer

ES Windows are known for their impact resistance, which is crucial for withstanding hurricanes and strong storms common in South Florida. They meet the strictest hurricane requirements for the region. They offer a variety of window and door lines, including residential and commercial options. This allows you to choose from different styles (Prestige, Elite, Multimax) that fit your budget and aesthetic preferences. Their impact windows can also improve your home's energy efficiency by providing better insulation, potentially reducing your energy costs. ES Windows' manufactures a diverse array of products, such as casements, project-outs, rolling windows, single hungs, fixed, and architectural windows, all designed to meet stringent impact resistance standards. They also offer decorative hurricane-resistant doors, glass garage doors, and sliding doors that eliminate the need for additional shutters. The headquarters is located in Brownsville, Florida, an unincorporated community that is part of the Miami metropolitan area of South Florida.

If you are interested in getting new hurricane proof windows and doors, we offer a free estimate anywhere within South Florida communities along the east coast. Typically, we send a representative to your home or office and they will take measurements, show you different products and styles and then give you a price which includes options for financing if desired. Our financing options include various deals which include no money down or zero percent interest if paid within a certain timeframe. The representative will go over all these details with you.

Reputation and Service

Customers frequently praise the durability and high performance of ES Windows products. The windows are made with laminated glass and durable interlayers, which provide excellent impact resistance and long-lasting performance. The windows are also noted for their energy efficiency, with insulated glass panels that help reduce energy costs by maintaining stable indoor temperatures. This feature is particularly appreciated in areas with extreme weather conditions. Many homeowners appreciate the architectural beauty and modern design of ES Windows, which enhance the overall look of their homes. The variety of options, including different finishes and coatings, allows for customization to match various aesthetic preferences. Despite occasional critiques related to installation delays and communication, overall customer feedback remains positive. ES Windows is committed to addressing customer concerns and maintaining high service standards.

Impact Rating

ES Windows impact ratings seem positive based on the information available online. For instance, their website mentions their products meet "the most demanding construction and architectural standards for security, strength and durability" including impact resistance. Some sources claim their Elite line surpasses competitor ratings by 10%. Impact ratings are typically measured in Positive and Negative Design Pressure (psf). These numbers indicate the amount of wind pressure a window or door can withstand without breaking. Higher positive numbers indicate better resistance to inward pressure from strong winds. Higher negative numbers indicate better resistance to outward pressure during storms.

Security and Safety

ES Windows offer good security and safety features for impact resistance in South Florida. Their main selling point is their impact resistance, which is crucial for withstanding break-ins and flying debris during storms. This can deter break-ins and protect your home from hurricane damage. Consider installing additional security features like alarms and security systems alongside impact windows for a more comprehensive security solution. Remember, while impact windows offer a layer of security, they may not be completely impenetrable to determined burglars.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty applies to windows, doors, and components supplied by ES Windows LLC. It covers defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period, typically one year but longer for certain products, like finishes which can be covered up to ten years. The warranty protects against issues with the windows and doors themselves, such as corrosion, peeling, cracking, and delamination. However, the warranty does not cover any problems caused by external factors. This includes improper installation, neglect, acts of God, or misuse of the products. Additionally, damage caused by chemicals, cleaning abrasives, or intentional alterations is not covered. Scratches are also not covered under the warranty. To make a warranty claim, you should contact the manufacturer directly. Be prepared to provide proof of purchase and details about the warranty claim, including the nature of the defect and any relevant photos. It is important to note that the warranty is not transferable, and it only applies to the original purchaser. You can find the complete warranty document on the ES Windows website.

Authorized Dealers

Authorized dealers provide specialized services and support for the company's range of high-quality impact-resistant windows and doors. These dealers are located across various regions, including the Lowcountry and Caribbean, ensuring that customers have access to ES Windows' products and expertise. The authorized dealers facilitate a personalized experience by helping customers select the right products for their specific needs, offering installation services, and providing ongoing support. They also provide access to a variety of customizations, including different coatings and finishes to match the aesthetic preferences of homeowners. For more information on finding an authorized dealer, customers can visit the ES Windows website or contact their customer service for assistance in connecting with a local dealer.

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