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Home Insurance Premiums with Impact Windows & Doors

Home Insurance Savings

This information on this page was last updated on July 10, 2024

Savings on Home Insurance Premiums

Installing impact windows and doors can often lead to savings on your home insurance premiums, especially in South Florida, where the risk of hurricanes and severe weather is high. Insurance companies typically recognize the added protection that these features offer against storm damage and may offer discounts to homeowners who upgrade their homes accordingly.

Here are a few tips on how to potentially save money on home insurance with impact windows and doors:

Check with Your Insurance Provider:

Contact your home insurance company to inquire about potential discounts for installing impact-resistant windows and doors. Different insurers may have different requirements and discount rates. You could also read over your current home insurance policy to see if there are any mentions of discounts for hurricane-resistant features, such as impact windows and doors. Some policies outline potential discounts for various home improvements.

Look for Wind Mitigation Discounts:

Many insurance companies in Florida offer wind mitigation discounts, which are savings provided to homeowners who take steps to protect their homes from wind damage. Installing impact windows and doors is a common wind mitigation measure. Ask your insurance provider if they offer this type of discount and what criteria must be met.

Documentation and Certifications:

Ensure that your impact windows and doors are certified to meet or exceed the Florida Building Code requirements, particularly for high-velocity hurricane zones. Keep all receipts and certificates of compliance as your insurance company may require these documents to process your discount.

Mitigation Inspection:

Consider getting a wind mitigation inspection once your new impact windows and doors are installed. This inspection can provide official proof to your insurance company that your home is better equipped to withstand storms, which may further reduce your premiums. Many impact window companies may offer services like a wind mitigation inspection either directly or through partnerships with certified inspectors, as this is a common requirement for homeowners seeking insurance discounts after upgrading their windows and doors. Reach out directly to impact window and door companies in your area to ask if they provide wind mitigation inspections post-installation, or if they can refer you to a certified professional who does. When obtaining quotes from companies, specifically ask about post-installation services like wind mitigation inspections. This could also be a deciding factor when choosing between different providers

Comprehensive Upgrades:

Discounts might be more significant if all openings (windows, doors, skylights) are protected. Partial upgrades may receive lower discounts.

Shop Around:

If your current insurer does not offer a significant discount for impact-resistant installations, it might be worthwhile to shop around for other insurance providers who might provide better incentives for such upgrades.

By upgrading to impact-resistant windows and doors, not only can you enhance the safety and security of your home, but you can also potentially achieve considerable savings on your insurance costs over time.

Why do carriers tend to provide discounts for impact windows and impact doors?

Insurance companies provide discounts for impact windows and impact doors primarily because these features significantly reduce the risk of damage from severe weather events, particularly hurricanes and strong storms, which are common in areas like South Florida. Homes with impact-resistant features tend to have fewer and less severe insurance claims. This reduction in claims and potential loss severity is financially beneficial for insurers, and they pass some of these savings back to the homeowners in the form of discounts. Besides protecting against storms, impact windows and doors also offer enhanced security against break-ins and reduce noise pollution. While the primary benefit for insurers is the reduction in storm damage, these additional benefits make homes generally safer and potentially more appealing from an insurance perspective. By offering discounts, insurance companies incentivize homeowners to upgrade to safer, more resilient building materials. This proactive approach to risk management helps create safer communities and reduces overall costs for insurers over time.

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