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Energy Efficiency And UV Protection

Energy Efficiency And UV Protection Illustration

This information on this page was last updated on July 10, 2024

Energy Efficiency And UV Protection

Florida's beauty comes with a powerful force – Mother Nature, however, hurricanes, intense storms, and even rogue baseballs pose a threat to your home's security and comfort. Impact windows and doors are the answer, offering superior protection against these threats. But did you know they also play a significant role in keeping your home cool and lowering your energy bills?

Innovative features of impact windows and doors, exploring how they're manufactured to deliver strength, energy efficiency, and UV protection for your Florida home.

Laminated Glass:

At the heart of an impact window or door lies laminated glass. This isn't your ordinary windowpane. It's a multi-layered composite consisting of two or more glass plies bonded together by a strong, transparent interlayer – typically a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sheet.

Here's the magic:

  • Impact Absorption: During an impact, the PVB interlayer absorbs the energy, preventing the glass from shattering. The glass may crack, but it remains intact, forming a web that keeps the elements out and your home protected.
  • Enhanced Security: Laminated glass is significantly tougher than single-pane glass, making forced entry much more difficult. This added security provides peace of mind, especially during hurricane season.

Low-E Coatings:

Impact windows and doors go beyond basic protection. Many are equipped with a microscopically thin, virtually invisible Low-E (low emissivity) coating. This coating acts like a shield, reflecting solar heat gain while allowing visible light to pass through.

Here's how Low-E coatings benefit you:

  • Reduced Cooling Costs: By reflecting infrared heat rays from the sun, Low-E coatings significantly reduce the amount of heat entering your home. This translates to lower air conditioning usage and substantial savings on your energy bills, especially during Florida's scorching summers.
  • UV Protection: Low-E coatings also block a significant portion of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This not only protects your furniture and interiors from fading but also helps safeguard your skin from UV exposure when spending time near windows.

The Synergy of Strength and Efficiency:

The combination of laminated glass and Low-E coatings creates a powerful synergy. Laminated glass offers unparalleled strength, while Low-E coatings enhance energy efficiency and UV protection. This translates to a secure and comfortable living environment while reducing your reliance on air conditioning, leading to a cooler home and a lighter wallet.

Flood Barriers:

Installing flood barriers or using sandbags can help prevent water from entering the home during storm surges and heavy rain. Elevating electrical systems and appliances above potential flood levels is also advisable.

Investing in a Sustainable Future:

By choosing impact windows and doors, you're not just safeguarding your home; you're also making a sustainable choice. Lower energy consumption translates to a reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, impact windows and doors are built to last, reducing the need for replacements and minimizing environmental impact.

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